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Moving anywhere, be it from within PEI or from off-Island, is exciting but all very daunting. If you are concerned about what schools to choose and what areas to live in to fall within particular school catchment areas, fear not! Below are the website links to the two school boards for PEI, the Eastern School Board and the Western School Board. Also you will find information on our University (UPEI) and Holland College.

We are fortunate on PEI to have some really great schools, with small class sizes, great facilities and wonderful teachers. Our children also have the opportunity, in some schools, to study French Immersion from Kindergarten age.

www.edu.pe.ca/esd       www.edu.pe.ca/wsd


UPEI's campus, located at the corner of Belvedere and University Avenues in Charlottetown, is built on 134 acres (54 hectares) of land. The Confederation Trail runs alongside its eastern boundary.

Over the past three decades, UPEI has experienced significant growth with many new buildings integrated into the campus, including Central Utility Building (1973), Duffy Science Centre, Blanchard Hall (1973), Bernardine Hall, Robertson Library (1975), Atlantic Veterinary College (1986), Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre (1990), Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall (1990), Food Technology Centre, K.C. Irving Chemistry Centre (1997), W.A. Murphy Student Centre (2002), MacLauchlan Arena (2004), Bill and Denise Andrew Hall residence facility (2006), expansions to the Atlantic Veterinary College (2007 and 2009), Regis and Joan Duffy Research Centre (2007), a research and development laboratory which is home to the National Research Council of Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and other partners, and Don and Marion McDougall Hall (2008

In Macleans 21st Annual University Ranking(2011-2012), UPEI tied for 4th place among all Canadian universities for offering primarily undergraduate education.



Holland College is the provincial community college for PEI. It is named after British Army engineer and surveyor Captain Samual Holland.

It was formed by the Government of PEI in 1969 as a result of an education reform policy undertaken as part of the Prince Edward Island Comprehensive Development Plan which saw the closure of the province's two post-secondary institutions structured on religious lines, St. Dunstan's University and Prince of Wales College, and the creation of the non-denominational University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) and Holland College.



I hope you find the above links of interest, but remember, don't hesitate to call me at 902-394-7071 if you have any questions regarding our school, college and university systems and I will be happy to help.

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